Never Use Your Copy Straight Away

When you write some new copy, what do you do with it? Do you send it straight out the door and off to work? Whether it’s a promotional email, a blog, an advert, or any other piece of copy, here’s why you should never use your copy straight away.

If you love a good Sunday roast, then you will know the golden rule of cooking a joint. Once it has come out of the oven you must let it rest before serving. It’s a similar tale with your copy. Once it has been written you should close it and do turn your mind to another task.

The reason for this is very simple. The time you spend away gives you vital time to switch off. Then, when you come back to the piece you have written, you will be able to read it with fresh eyes. If you give it just 24 hours you will be amazed at the improvement you will make. Typos will spring out. Missing words will become obvious. That comma you thought was needed suddenly isn’t. And long sentences become really easy to shorten, split or clean up.

The Big Reason Why You Should Never Use Your Copy Straight Away

But here’s the main reason why you should let your copy rest before you use it. Crucially, you will be able to judge the effectiveness of the copy much more objectively. What first looked like a good piece of promotional writing can now appear vague. That great offer you thought was clear as day now looks lost in a beige word salad. You see the copy more from the reader’s perspective. Which gives you the opportunity to make your writing pack a bigger punch.

The changes you might make could be minor. Just a word here and there changed for more powerful alternatives. Or you may well end up moving sentences – even entire paragraphs around. The end result though is the same. Much, much better copy which will work harder to get a result for you.

So, the next time you are writing to promote a product or service, remember the golden rule of cooking a joint. And make sure you leave plenty of time to let it rest for a day or so before you do any proofreading.

Of course, you prefer to have an expert write for you, then feel free to get in touch. Technical papers, case studies, brochures, websites, blogs, emails and lots more. All with a simple aim – to sell.

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