Greenwood Solutions offer powerful forward-thinking brand management that gets results. We provide you with professional expertise that helps you to manage your brand reputation and improve your audience’s perception of your brand to build brand awareness, equity, and loyalty.

With our brand management services we take the time to understand your company ethos. It’s the basis of your brand values which you project through digital, experiential and print mediums.

Brand Identity

Your brand must have a strong identity. It must convey your values. And it must attribute them transparently to your customers.

To develop or refine your true brand identity we will look at your business physique; the current logo, theme colours, marketing materials and online presence.

We also look at the relationships you have with customers. We look at how you present your brand and how customers perceive you.

Using this insight, our in-house graphic design team will create a unique brand identity for your business. They help you represent your vision and values and connect with your audience

Greenwood carefully analyse your brand identity as part of your brand management strategy, taking time to consider current logos, theme colours, marketing materials and online presence.
Greenwood Solutions provides effective brand communications services within their brand management services

Brand Communications

When you have a strong brand identity, you need to know how to best promote it to your customers.

The market, online and offline, is crowded. Competition is fierce. Knowing how to use the best routes to your customers to your advantage will bring you astounding results.

We will research your target market, define the best channels to reach your audience and will create powerful, emotive marketing messages.

We aim to convey your most compelling benefits and selling points which will motivate, inspire and initiate the desired response.

Brand Strategy

When you have your brand identity in place and you know how best to communicate with your audience, the next step is to formulate a brand strategy.

An effective brand strategy helps you stand out from your competition. It positions your business to attract the customers you want through the door.

We work closely with your team to create a competitive positioning strategy. And we strive to help your business grab every chance to win a bigger slice of the market.

Developing a brand strategy gives a clear focus for your brand management
Safeguarding your brand reputation is essential to ensure you have a strong and stable brand management strategy.

Reputation Management

Your brand can appear everywhere and anywhere. But you still want some control about your brand. What is being said about you? How does your business appear in Google?

Building a good, solid online reputation is important for any business. But what do you do if someone posts negative reviews about your business? How do you deal with someone with a personal vendetta on social media against your business?

And how do you minimise events which can impact on your brand and credibility?

We can provide guidance and advice on how to deal with such issues with tailored brand management strategies. And we can help to remove or dilute damaging negative online publicity.