Digital Marketing Expertise – We Are Part of Your Team

Creating a digital footprint online is an essential part of the marketing mix for any successful business today.

Identifying and targeting your ideal clients means you can market your company information in many ways to create effective and emotive messaging that drives action.

Businesses today can be accessed 24/7 through any number of devices in the virtual world we have created.  Managing your information successfully online is a growing task that if done well offers multiple business benefits, including setting the right impression and making potential customers want to contact you.

It maybe interim digital marketing support you need or regular marketing expertise to extend your team without taking on additional staff, we can help with the digital marketing resources you need.  We understand that managing a growing business on a day to day basis is a task in itself; finding the time, manpower to look ahead and develop new services or campaigns can sometimes feel impossible.

Our marketing services are flexible to allow you to select what your company needs and when.

Website Hosting, Management & Design

In today’s online world all business marketing should lead back to your company website.  With the right website and marketing platform in place you can promote, develop and reach your audience in many ways.

Our websites are built on the latest platforms for both development flexibility and future proofing as your business grows.  We will advise on the structure and content to best present your services and with full design, copy writing, development and hosting services available, your business will quickly be well represented online.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

A website without essential SEO in place is like a shop without a front door.  You will want people to be able to easily find your products and services when searching online and on-site SEO will help to increase your site visibility so people can do so.

Our in-house SEO team are specialists in their field and consult with us on all our web build projects to ensure each site is effectively optimised and has addressed all important on-site SEO factors.  Having a well optimised site will help your site to be found through organic search results and will increase its level of visibility across the web.

Social Media Marketing

Social media can offer great benefits to your business if managed effectively.  Selecting the right social media outlet for your business is essential to build new client segments.   Presenting your company and services well on social media requires preparation – the right tone, images, information, timing and supporting materials on your website.

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google + Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest – let us help you manage the right social media channels for your business.

Email Marketing

Email communication remains one of the most effective marketing mediums in today’s digital world.

Email is a great way to keep in contact with your clients in a professional and informative way and through the use of clear branded templates your offers, promotions and latest information will be sure to capture the attention of your customers.

A great benefit to using email as a marketing tool is that it is measurable.  Over time you can see how effective it is, you will gain more insight on how your clients are interacting with your brand, what they are clicking on, what offers they redeem.  Understanding your audience allows you to further develop the services that matter to them most.

Video Marketing

Video is a dynamic and powerful marketing medium.  YouTube alone achieve millions of views every single day and using video across social media has become an extremely powerful way of engaging people with a brand.

If you are looking to step up your video marketing, our video production specialists can quickly produce short-form videos for social media promotions as well as high-end full video productions that will showcase your business and really make a statement about your brand.

Measure, Analyse, Refine and Repeat

The great thing about digital marketing is you can start to understand your audience through post campaign reports.  Understanding the needs of your audience allows you to refine your campaigns to make them more effective so they continue to help you develop your business and services to meet these needs.

Find out how we can create and develop the digital footprint of your business.  Call us today to discuss on 01256 843513.