What’s the two most important questions your analytics should ask of any marketing campaign?

– It is working?
Is it bringing in enquiries, leads, traffic, orders? Do you know if your campaign is going to plan?

– How Can You Improve it?
Even if your marketing campaign is doing well, you can always get better results.

Analysing the ongoing performance of your marketing activities is essential to your business. It gives you vital insight into campaigns and whether they are hitting targets. And if there are issues, you can spot them early and make changes to bring them back on track.

Sounds great. But accessing and understanding the data that your marketing activities can generate isn’t always straightforward. It takes time and some effort to learn how analytical tools work, what they can tell you, and what data you need to watch – and sometimes ignore. When you’re faced with so many daily challenges, it’s easy to push the need to analyse your marketing to the back of the queue.

Thankfully, with Greenwood you can receive accurate analysis of many aspects of your digital marketing and get the insight you need to make informed decisions. Not only saving you time but potentially helping you avoid costly mistakes.

Trying to analyse your marketing can quickly become mired in a sea of complexity. And with so many tools available to do similar tasks, how do you find, set up, and use the right analytics tools for the job?

Data should fuel your decision making. Now you can replace trying to figure out mountains of numbers and stats with simple guides and clear guidance that help you make critical decisions about your campaigns with confidence.

Web Analytics

Your web site is your single most prominent piece of marketing. Yet how do you know if it working as hard as possible to attract new business?

With Greenwood, we work with you to establish what criteria you need to measure your website, and configure your analtyics platform to deliver meaningful information that helps you make decisions. The days of counting the amount of page hits has long gone. Now you can get a clear view across your website and see what is working – and what isn’t. Allowing you to evolve your web presence to increase visitors and engagement, and provide more leads.

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Social Media

You know social media must be an integral part of your marketing campaigns, but how do you understand what channels or approach works best? Greenwood uses the tools within leading platforms such as LinkedIn or Facebook can provide invaluable information that helps you improve your marketing, focus on the best tactics, develop impactful communications, and increase engagement with your audience.

No matter what channels you use, we can look deep inside your social media activity to tell you how well it is working for your business. Plus, our spot checks on your comms work gives simple pointers to help improve your posts and build your audience faster.

Email Marketing

While social media continues to be the buzzword for digital marketing, email remains the most popular and effective means to promote your business. But the need to measure the performance of your email marketing has been been greater.

Alongside our expertise in devising tailored email marketing campaigns for your business, you can also take advantage of our skilled email analytics service. With our knowledge of leading email and automation platforms, you can receive regular reports on the performance of your email marketing that detail how your efforts to generate leads and build brand loyalty are succeeding.

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