About You

If you have come here expecting to read long story about Greenwood Solutions then you’re about to be disappointed.

That’s because your reason for being here is about you, not us. So that’s what we prefer to talk about.

Of course you would want to know if we deliver marketing services that are relevant to your businesses. And, of course, if we’re any good. After 20 years delivering creative, branding, web design, digital marketing, and events, we know our onions. Which we demonstrate through exacting analytics to help your future decision making.

What’s more important to you though is what you can expect from bringing us in to help with marketing your business.


It’s Not Us. It’s All About You.

With Greenwood, you have a partner who takes the time to get to grips with your objectives.

You can talk in detail about what you want your marketing strategy to achieve. And in return you get a commitment to delivering what you need for your tactics and activities to succeed. All contained in a simple objectives brief that guides you every step of the way. It means you know what to expect, and when, and how. That way you get full visibility of the work you want from us.

It’s a common-sense approach which we know from experience will give you confidence partnering with Greenwood Solutions was the right choice. Most importantly, you always get ideas and suggestions that are focused on building your brand.

Which underpins your big goal. Growing your business.


Focused On Your Business

From our base in Hampshire we have clients across the UK in a wide range of sectors. You’ll find them in the arts, cosmetics, professional services, advanced aerospace manufacturing, facilities management, and technology. Being able to think across different industries and deliver high quality marketing which helps you grow is one of our strong points.

You will want to talk to us if you’re looking for an agency that will push your marketing strategy to grow your business.

You may want specific help to deliver part of your plans, such as creative design, digital marketing, or event management. You might be struggling to analyse and report your online marketing properly. – or need someone to get your web strategy on track. Or you simply need expert support to help you keep momentum when the work is piling up. We’ve all been there.

Marketing is a wide field, and much of it is connected. So we provide a complete marketing service, in part or whole, for your business. Allowing you to come to us as a supporting partner, a part of your agency roster, or a fully outsourced service.

Our flexibility gives you the freedom to move across the services we provide. You may start out needing help with your web presence, but then need collateral design, or an ongoing social media editorial plan. Whatever it is, we can help. And whatever it is, we always focus on helping you build your business. Because it’s always just about you.

“Working with the team at Greenwood Solutions has been vital in my company’s success. As a small business their insight and expertise helped us grow and improve our turnover dramatically.”

Steven Jenkins – sales performance coach
Steven Jenkins, who is a client of Greenwood Solutions


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