Free Tools To Market Your Business

Getting your business to stand out amongst the millions of others across the Web is hard. In fact, unless you are a digital marketing specialist it can be very tough. Which is about 99.9% of all business owners (and 95% of all marketers, come to think about it). But you can use some free tools to promote your business out there. And quite a few of them from Google.

As well as bringing us the most popular search engine on the planet, Google also provide a variety of tools to help you marketing your business online. They won’t suddenly put your business at the top of the search engine listings. But they can help improve your online performance.

So, let’s take a look at the Google’s free tools that you can use to help promote your business.

Google Retail

Google Retail - Greenwood Solutions Marketing Agency

Google For Retail is a good resource if you sell products online. With Google Retail you can improve your chances of being seen by potential customers. This tool also features help in improving your website, find new opportunities and monitor campaigns. You can even use it to watch your competitors.

Google Trends

Google Trends - Greenwood Solutions Marketing Agency

Google Trends is a great way to get insight into what people are searching for across Google’s big three platforms: Search, News, and YouTube. With Google Trends you can see what topics people are following. You can also use Google trends to get a picture of what interest people have in other topics. So, for your business, you can see what relevant subjects people might be following. You can use this information to produce content relevant to that trend.

Google Alerts

Google Alerts - Greenwood Solutions Marketing Agency

Google Alerts is a service that lets you watch out for new content based on defined words. You can use Google Alerts to report on the popularity of words you use to promote your online presence. Plus, you can use Google Alerts to monitor other keywords and phrases too.

Google Grow My Store

Google Grow My Store - Greenwood Solutions Marketing Agency

While we are looking at retail, Google Grow My Store  is a useful snapshot tool to use. You type in your website and get a detailed review. The analysis can be quite detailed, and will highlight areas you can address to improve your website.

Google Digital Training

Google Digital Training - Greenwood Solutions Marketing Agency

Google also provides free training to help you improve your online skills. The tools they provide can be used for personal development as well as building your business. Grow With Google helps you to learn a wide variety of digital skills and is very much recommended.

Google Market Finder

Google Market Finder - Greenwood Solutions Marketing Agency

If you’re looking for new business opportunities, then Google Market Finder can help. This free tool from Google provides data and customer insights for countries. You can also learn certain requirements in different territories to help improve sales. For example, you may need to amend your payment or delivery methods.

Google AdSense

Google AdSense - Greenwood Solutions Marketing Agency

Google AdSense is a good way to bring revenues from the success of the content you create. The online ad market place is very competitive and other businesses would often like to features their products and services on your presence. With AdSense you can profit from your content by providing advertisers to be featured.

Google for Startups

Google Startups - Greenwood Solutions Marketing Agency

Help and support when you’re taking your first steps in business can be hard to find. Google for Startups aims to provide guidance for people in the early day of their business. This tool has a lot to offer to anyone with a burning idea. It can plug vital knowledge and skills gaps to improve your chances of success.


Google tools YouTube - Greenwood Solutions Marketing Agency

Why are we including YouTube?  As the pre-eminent video platform it can bring a real boost to your online efforts. Rich media is essential to improve your online business. With audio and video you can reach more people and turn them into customers.

Google Marketing Platform

Google Marketing Platform - Google free tools list by Greenwood Solutions Marketing Agency

Google has a central area for several aspects of digital marketing. Google Marketing Platform provides website analytics and advertising tools to help understand customers and reach them more efficiently.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics 4 - Greenwood Solutions Marketing Agency

This list wouldn’t be complete with Google Analytics. Now evolved into Google Analytics 4, this is a comprehensive platform that can provide a vast array of information around your website. But don’t be put off – for small businesses it can give you great info on visitor numbers, what pages are popular and other basic details too.

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner - Greenwood Solutions Marketing Agency

It can be tricky finding the right keywords to promote your online presence. That’s where Google Keyword Planner comes in useful. You can research words relating to your business that can help improve rankings and reach more customers.

Google Optimize

Google Optimize - Greenwood Solutions Marketing Agency

Google Optimize is very useful to make your web pages or content work harder. With this tool you can make your website a better place to visit and improve your chances of finding more customers.

Google Tag Manager

Google Tags - Greenwood Solutions Marketing Agency

Tags are the little bits of data that help describe the content of your website. But they can be a chore to manage. Which is why we suggest using Google’s Tag Manager, which is part of their Marketing Platform. With Tag Manager you can control tags in one place and add or change them when desired.

Google Search Central

Google Search Central - Google free tools list by Greenwood Solutions Marketing Agency

Google Search Central is an excellent tool to help you understand if and how your website is appearing in search engines. For many businesses this can be an ideal alternative to Google Analytics as it provides suggestions to improve ranking.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console - Greenwood Solutions Marketing Agency

Another Search tool to mention is Google Search Console. This tool from Google has for some time been a core component of SEO work. With Search Console you can track and improve the visibility of your website.

Google Mobile-Friendly Test

Google Mobile Test - Greenwood Solutions Marketing Agency

As the majority of Google searches are now performed on mobile devices, how your website performs on mobiles is critical for good ranking. To find out how your website fares, you can use Google Mobile-Friendly Test. Simple type in your website URL and Google gives you a report.

Google Page Speed Insights

Google Page Speed Insights - Greenwood Solutions Marketing Agency

Page speed is hugely important. No user wants to wait around for minutes for a page to load. The page speed of your website is an important ranking factor. So you should check the loading speeds of your website using Google Page Speed Insights. With this tool you type in your website URL and wait for a report on issues affecting the page loading speed.

If you want further advice and support on improving your website and how it ranks and displays in search engines, then contact us for a chat. We can help you take advantage of these free tools to help you promote your business.


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