AI Will Destroy Your Business

If you have been tempted to use AI generated content within your website, then we have some bad news for you. And it’s this; relying on AI will absolutely destroy your business.

One of the main reasons behind adding new content to your site is to improve its ranking by search engines. Whether you write blogs or update/add pages, a policy of continual improvement can be catnip for search bots. This is no accident either. Since 2011 Google has been on a bit of a mission to try and promote sites they consider to provide real value to web users. Search engines don’t tell you exactly how to write in order to be ranked highly. But they do provide plenty of clues. And a longstanding one they are quite open about is the quality of the content on your website.

A website which is regularly providing new information will be visited more often. When that website contains more and more pages with information which a search engine believes is of good quality, they will rank better than others. Yes, there are lots of ways you can improve ranking through the likes of backlinks, tags and the suchlike, but it still comes back to how good your content is.

And this is where using AI can be much more of a hindrance than a help.

Google’s Coming After You

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Backpedal to August last year and Google rolled out the Helpful Content Update. This aimed specifically to promote content that was original, helpful, and written by people. And earlier this year, Google publish a clear warning they would penalise anyone using AI to produce content for websites.

What Google – and other search engines – want to rank are pages that have been written by a person. Even better, a person who is providing well-written, factually correct, useful information to a reader that they will value. And this is where AI created content falls down rather badly. Setting aside the minor issue that AI content is invariably dull and frequently gibberish, it is also unoriginal and often wrong. Google realise this and consider it to be a violation of their spam policies.

The reason why AI content is so poor is, ironically, down to the amount of low quality pages on the web. To create their content, AI grabs information from what they can find online. They don’t – can’t, even – improve on it.  Which means you end up with copy that reflects badly on your business. And when Google spot it, they will drag your search engine rankings down.

Raging Against The Machine

Certain AI content generators have been pitching their services as some sort of magic copywriting service. That, somehow, their strings of code can write better than you about your own business. Or that they are superior and cheaper than an experienced writer within an agency. Even, their machine-made copy will get your business results. It sounds far too good to be true, doesn’t it? Well, it is.

The reality is very simple. The only way you can get people to read the content within your website and want to buy from you is to have it written well. And the only way that can happen is when it is written by a person.

We never use AI platforms of any kind to create copy for you. Not for web pages, blog articles, emails, datasheets, presentations, or anything else. That’s why our track record includes customers securing new business worth hundreds of thousands of Pounds. It’s also why any website project we deliver for you will perform better in search engine results. And it’s certainly why you could read an article written by us and think it was worth sharing with a friend.

We’re so concerned about how AI will destroy your business, we’ll be publishing some more in-depth analysis to highlight its failings. You’ll discover a lot of the hype you may had read about AI ‘making marketing easy’ will in fact make things even harder for your business.

The Old Ways Are Always The Best

Not everyone is great at writing. Besides, you have enough on your plate as it is. But if you’ve tried using an AI service to create content, it’s time to switch back to using an expert human. You need to do it before Google tracks you down. And when you get carefully crafted copy about your business, you’re investing in quality marketing that will get results.

With Greenwood Solutions you get a real person writing for you. They only get typing away after researching your business. Which means you get content that is original and focused on getting results. If you want real copy which works a lot harder than something magicked out of an algorithm, get in touch for a chat. Compared to an AI bot, we’re rather more friendly and approachable.


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